Music Lessons, Homeschool Classes, & Life Enrichment

Music Lessons

Homeschool Classes

Homeschool Classes


Music Lessons are student interest directed, with specialized concentrations available.. Register for the instrument(s) you're interested in, and we'll schedule your FREE trial lesson! :)

We currently offer classes/lessons in:

  • Piano
  • Voice
  • Guitar, Violin
  • Flute, Clarinet
  • Trumpet, Baritone, Tuba
  • Combo classes (any 2 combined)

See below to book your free trial lesson!


Weekly Lesson                   Monthly Tuition

1/2 hour (or bi-weekly 1 hr)                 $100

45 minutes                                        $150

1 hr                                                  $180

Discounts offered for multiple family members.

Need financial assistance for a child? Click here & click "How to Participate" on the top of the page.

Need financial assistance for an adult?  Register & let us know.

Homeschool Classes

Homeschool Classes

Homeschool Classes


We offer both core and elective classes for your homeschool needs.. Homeschool classes are kept small, engaging & fun. Visual, auditory, & hands-on learners will enjoy our classes and benefit from them. 

Affordable rates & convenient schedule. Offering 4 week trial workshops this spring to preview fall full course offerings. 

Want something else? We have joined with The Freelance Homschooler, so anything on that site can also be offered here. Take a peek! 

 See below to book your trial homeschool classes..


Class Format/Schedule            Monthly Tuition

4 Week Trial Class/Unit Study        $15 p/class

School Year Enrollment                 $50 p/class

Full School Year Enrollment       $200 monthly

 (includes 4 core classes, 1 elective, & 1 type of music lesson - offer only for early registration by 6/20/2020)

Please contact us to discuss tuition discounts after enrolling multiple students.

Life Enrichment

Homeschool Classes

Life Enrichment


Our Life Enrichment Classes are fun, informative, and interactive.


  • Coping Skills Using Music
  • Early Childhood Music & Movement
  • Life Skills (upon request)
  • Learn to Crochet (upon request)

Want something else? Ask us

 Click here to go straight to our calendar to see what is offered when.

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Class Format/Schedule                     Tuition

Coping Skills                          $10 per class

Learn to Crochet                    $10 per class

Early Childhood M/M              $50 monthly

Playing for a Veteran

First Attempt at TAPS

Ri learned how to play TAPS on the trumpet in the afternoon, & that evening wanted to play it for his neighbor. He went across the street and played it for their neighbor, who is a Veteran. Love the motivation & excitement! He'll get it right! Way to go, Ri! :)

Music Lessons

Educational Service: Homeschool Classes


Full-Time Homeschool Enrollment

Register for Full-Time Homeschool Enrollment Fall, 2020

Full-time enrollment is usually $200 for 4 core classes. When you register by 6/20/2020 for full-time fall homeschool enrollment, you'll get the 4 core classes, plus an elective - plus one type of music lessons also! That's an additional $200 value! Wow! 

Financial Assistance for Music Lessons

Do you know a child who would benefit from music lessons but cannot afford it? 

Malena is the Maine State Coordinator for Music Link Foundation, a non-profit organization matching students with teachers willing to teach at a deep discount to students with financial need. Please like our Maine Music Link Facebook page.

From the Top awards classically trained musicians ages 8-18 scholarships to continue to study classical music.

Other Available Core Homeschool Classes


Additional Core Classes Available

The Freelance Homeschooler is willing to offer any of the following classes here. :) Let us know if you'd like to see something else. :) (Please note: most of our class offerings are above.)

Elementary School (1st-3rd grade)

  • Social Studies Homeschool Class
  • Science Homeschool Class
  • Math Homeschool Class

Upper Elementary School (4-6th grade)

  • Language Arts  Homeschool Class 
  • Math  Homeschool Class 

High School

  • Earth & Space Science  Homeschool Class 
  • Physical Science  Homeschool Class 
  • Biology  Homeschool Class 
  • Chemistry (for non-math lovers)
  • Intro to Literature
  • Intro to Composition
  • American Literature (recommended for Gr 10-12; honors level available)
  • British Literature (recommended for Gr 11-12; honors level available)
  • World Literature (recommended for Gr 12; honors level available)
  • American Government (Gr 11-12)
  • Economics (Gr 11-12)

Our Homeschool Partners & Resources

The Freelance Homeschooler

The Freelance Homeschooler

The Freelance Homeschooler

The Freelance Homeschooler; homeschool, homeschooling


The Freelance Homeschooler designs and offers in-person classes for homeschoolers in the Southern Maine region.

  • Classes in both core and enrichment subjects are available for grades K – 12.
  • Small Group Instruction.
  • Offering courses in History, Science, Literature, Writing, Government, Economics, Math, Humanities and more at your location or convenient local sites.
  • Get live classes, graded homework, direct feedback, and accountability for your students.
  • Use our classes to supplement your own homeschool program or as a full curriculum.
  • Bring our classes to your local co-op.

We're thankful for this partnership, classes they are offering through our studio,, & all they offer to the homeschooling community! :)

SPED Homeschool

The Freelance Homeschooler

The Freelance Homeschooler

SPED Homeschool, homeschool resources, special needs homeschooling


Our mission at SPED Homeschool is to connect special education homeschooling families with quality information, materials, services, and support.

  • SPED Strong Tribes (regional groups for a local/personalized networking hub)
  •  Featured articles & resources
  • Podcasts & Videos

 We're thankful for this partnership and all they offer to the homeschooling community! :) 

Types of Payments Accepted