Meet Malena Rachelle


Founder, Owner, Teacher

Malena has a true passion for sharing learning opportunities with others. She has the special ability to adapt & tailor teaching to each student in their respective learning styles & needs. She also loves teaching others how to be successful. 


Malena has been playing piano and singing for over 40 years. She learned trumpet at age 10, baritone at age 12, flute at age 13, clarinet and tuba at age 14. She played piano for high school musicals and chorus. She has been teaching music lessons since 1989, including privately, Living Waters Christian School, and Saco/Old Orchard Beach Adult Ed. She has taught French, music appreciation, music theory, chorus, and more in homeschool settings and private schools. Her education and experience, in addition to a nurturing instinct, lends to success for teachers & students alike.


Background checks are current with:



  • 2012 Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Christian Counseling, & Special Education from Liberty University.
  • 2017 Master's Degree in Human Services Crisis & Trauma from Liberty University, with courses also focused on counseling, substance abuse, & social work.



Piano          Voice          Flute          Clarinet          Trumpet          Baritone          Tuba

French 1A (Middle School)          French 1 (High School)          French 2 (High School)          French 3 (High School)

Band (Middle/High School)          Chorus (Middle/High School)


In her spare time Malena enjoys spending time with family, working on genealogy, worshiping, reading, & working on professional development.


Scholarships for Music Lessons

Malena is the State Coordinator for the MusicLink Foundation, a non-profit that offers scholarships for children in need to be able to take Music Lessons.

Follow the link below, & click "How to Participate" to register a new student for assistance or volunteer as a music teacher.


Music Director, Deacon, Webmaster

Malena holds many positions with Buxton Centre Baptist Church and is very involved. We'd love to have you visit! We are always looking for children & adults to be involved with the music ministry. She is a music teacher who will help you develop your skills while having fun. 

Meet HollyAnne Dustin

Homeschool Teacher

HollyAnne Dustin, homeschool teacher, of "The Freelance Homeschooler" joins our educational service to offer academic classes for homeschooling!   


HollyAnne homeschooled her two children from grade 4 through graduation. She has taught and tutored at all levels, including 6 years running a full-time cooperative resource program for Middle and High School homeschool students. She has worked with highly gifted students, ADHD students, and those with learning disabilities.   


HollyAnne holds a BA in Political Science from The American University.  


HollyAnne has taught privately as well as at Excellence Academy. She is a freelance writer and owns Feline Friends Cat Care and Consulting.


She offers a project- and research-based learning environment, integrating visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (hands-on) learning styles.


  • Elementary: Science, Math, Social Studies, Music Education, Reading
  • Middle School: History, Geography, Science, Literature, Maine Studies, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation
  • High School: History, Geography, Physical Science, Earth & Space Science, American Literature, British Literature, World Literature, Maine Studies, Art Appreciation, Music Appreciation, Personal Finance, American Government, Intro to Literature, Intro to Composition, Chemistry (for non-math lovers), Biology, Economics


When not working, she enjoys spending time with her 2 adult children, her 3 teenage step-grandchildren, and traveling the Northeast with her show cats.  


HollyAnne Dustin: Owner of the Freelance Homeschooler & Feline Friends Cat Care & Consulting.


Homeschool Consultant

The Freelance Homeschooler offers core & elective classes, more than they are sharing with Malena's Music Lessons & More, although they are willing to share any upon request. Check out what they have available! :)

Owner: our homeschool teacher, HollyAnne Dustin.


Cat Care & Consulting

We love your pet, just as you do!

 Housecall Cat Grooming, Cat Sitting, Behavior and Training Services offered in Southern Maine 

Reliable, caring, specialized, care just for your cat. 

Whether you choose our cat grooming services, cat sitting, or a consultation about training and care, we will give your cat 100% of our attention. 

We will treat your cat with the same love and care that we do our own!

HollyAnne has been a store manager at Pet Life and has a lifetime of learning about cats! 

Contact her today for a consultation!


Have you ever felt that the public just doesn’t “get” cats?

That, despite the popularity of cats on the internet, it’s still a dogs’ world out there?

We talk about all things cat here. If you’ve ever asked “why does my cat do that?” You belong here.  If you’ve ever wondered how in the world to get two cats to get along, or if your senior cat needs a friend, or what to feed your new kitten, you have a place here.

The complexity of the feline mind and the human-feline bond fascinate me. Cats talk to us, we just have to know how to listen.
Wonder how to introduce multiple cats to each other? Concerned about nutrition, health issues or litterbox politics?

We can help you if your are interested in cat behavior, enrichment, play, product reviews, pet travel reports, adventure cat experiences or cat shows.

Look around, pick from our categories, read some of our favorite posts, or read our latest blog posts.

Meet Hannah Park

Violin & Piano Teacher

Hannah Park joins our studio as a music teacher, offering violin and piano lessons! 


Hannah has been playing violin since the age of 7. She joined the New Jersey Youth Symphony (NJYS) in 3rd grade and continued until she graduated from high school. She has performed with NJYS at the Musikverein in Vienna and has also performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Hannah was a member of the University of Pennsylvania Symphony Orchestra during college and returned in 2018 to perform a solo and duet with the orchestra. 


Hannah taught violin during high school and volunteered to teach during her freshman year of college as well. 



Hannah attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill during her freshman year then transferred to and graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor's degree in the Biological Basis of Behavior with a minor in Chemistry. She is currently attending the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine in Biddeford, class of 2023.


Background check is current with:

- MusicLink Foundation


Hannah enjoys sharing her passion for music with others, especially violin & piano.

Hannah Park; violin; orchestra; symphony

Hannah Park: UNE Med student and Violin/Piano teacher at Malena's Music Lessons & More.

Meet Dan Copeland

Guitar Teacher

Dan Copeland joins our studio as a music teacher, offering guitar lessons! 


Dan has been playing guitar for many years and has been teaching several years as well.


Dan has taught guitar throughout his college years, both at Berklee and USM.



Dan graduated from Berklee School of Music and is now attending USM for music as well. 


Background check is current with:

- Maine Department of Education


Dan enjoys sharing his passion for music & guitar with others and watching each student achieve his or her own success.


Dan Copeland: USM Music Student, Graduate of Berklee School of Music.